Reading for Yourself

What can you do for yourself?
  • Take responsibility for your education and life by actively seeking new knowledge and experiences.
  • Take a course in something you never thought of taking before.
  • Develop a new hobby.
  • Subscribe to new publications.
  • Help other adults or children, share your experiences or skills. It will give you a good feeling.
  • Do something that challenges you physically and emotionally: white-water rafting, rock climbing, a long run, public speaking.
  • Keep a diary or gratitude journal or encourage other members of your family or extended family to keep journals. Journalizing has always been considered an important form of writing.

Suggestion: Join a reading group or start one yourself. Reading and enjoying literature does not need to happen in a vacuum. The basic idea is simple: a small group of readers are organized, they agree on a list of books, they all read the same book (usually one a month), then they meet to share their ideas and opinions.

Book clubs normally have around eight members. They introduce you to authors or subjects you might not have otherwise read. Book clubs are not about people necessarily agreeing so you can become involved in some lively discussion. Book clubs help make reading a social skill.