Reading Seminars

There are two kinds of seminars: Public and Customized.

Public Seminars bring high quality training to people in a convenient, cost effective and time efficient format. They are often advertised through local papers, radio and mail marketing campaigns and held in theatres, hotels, conference centers and auditoriums. You pay a fee, attend a half-day, full day or two day seminar with lots of other people.

It’s a format that involves a motivating, energetic presentation by an expert, getting your questions answered, participating in discussion sessions, work groups and sharing a sense of camaraderie with fellow students.

Customized seminars are usually organized on behalf of a specific group. Some examples would be:

A medium to large size company that wants to add or enforce a special dimension to its business practices. For example, a company that wants to train their employees on new customer service policy could do it through a seminar.

Athletic, cultural, self-help, or community minded groups who want to share new ideas, enlighten the membership or focus on solving problems or planning for the future. A community resource association might hold a seminar on how to attract, train and motivate volunteers, a football team might want to hold a session on building or strengthening team spirit.

Conventions or trade shows often offer smaller meetings or sessions that focus on timely or relevant topics. A trades or entrepreneurial show might have a seminar on a guideline for buying a franchise.

Seminars are great because of the interaction between the leaders and participants, the exchange of ideas and the opportunity for obtaining a clear understanding of the subject matter.