Reading Self-Study Programs

Home study programs put professional training within reach of an entire population.

People can listen to tapes while they commute, while they exercise or do household chores. Watching a video in the privacy of your home at a time you choose is convenient. Using your computer for learning is an interactive innovative way to attain new knowledge and skills.

Self-study programs are a cost effective means of educating ourselves, acquiring knowledge or attitudes, and developing skills.

There are hundreds of topics to choose from and most of the subjects fall into categories that will be explained here. We have listed some known examples of training available in a seminar or self-study format. We are not listing the names of the presenters or the company that sells the training or sponsors the seminars. However, an internet search will give you this information. You may also find some valuable links on our site. The list that follows is not absolute, it is simply the tip of an iceberg. However, it will serve as a guideline if personal and professional development is a new subject for you.

If there is an attitude, behavior or skill in personal or career growth that a human being might require to desire to learn or to enhance, there is likely a self-study program or seminar that is available to help. Whatever a company requires: to increase business, satisfy and motivate employees, or build for the future, there is a seminar ready to be customized to suit the company demands.