Reading to Infants

What can you do with infants?

Your child is never too young to be read to. Children do not have to understand the text of what you read to enjoy the warmth and security as you hold them close. When reading a newspaper or magazine you can read parts of it aloud. The rhythm of your voice is comforting and infants like the movement and sound of turning pages.reading-to-infants

  • Set aside a special time for reading. For example, read a bedtime story every night.
  • Books for infants should have pictures filled with brightly colored objects that are familiar to your child. Infants will want to play with the pages, chew them and explore the book. Therefore, pages should be make of cloth, vinyl or sturdy cardboard. Some books have flaps that your child can lift, pop-up pictures that add three dimensional looks, or buttons that will play music or squeak.
  • Infants require: rhythm, repetition and rhyme. Babies will enjoy simple action nursery rhymes, like you would find in a Mother Goose book. This is poetry to help your child become more involved in the rhythm of language.
  • Children like to hear others imitate the sounds that animals make. Dare to ham it up when you read. Vary the volume, speed and pitch of your voice along with the story line.
  • Babies love to look at pictures of other babies.

Suggestion: Make up your own baby book. Fill the pockets of a smaller photo album with cutouts from magazines – colored pictures, especially of babies and familiar animals. Also include photographs that the baby will recognize and enjoy- family members, familiar pets, animal pictures and simple objects.