Reading with your Family

What can you do for your family? Want to try something new?

  • Travel to new places. This can be in your own neighborhood or city.
  • Go on explorations or field trips.
  • Experience a new cultural event.
  • Learn something new everyday.
  • Maintain a home library, including cataloguing books and authors.
  • Start a gratitude journal or family diary. More about gratitude journals.
  • Enjoy family discussions about book or movies that everyone can read or watch. Maybe join with another family and share the discussions with them.
  • Suggestion: To help encourage your family to develop enjoyable learning habits try this. At a prearranged time every day, such as dinnertime, ask each member of your family (no matter what the age) what they learned that day. Their response might be what they learned from a book, at play, at work, from the radio, from the television, from a friend. The range of topics that will come up for discussion will astound you. Maybe your family will discuss current affairs, maybe inner feelings; some of this exchange will be serious, some light and jovial – all will be valuable.

Discuss and ask questions about their new-found knowledge or skill. Expand upon it. With the whole family participating with questions and comments, explore this new territory of learning. For example, if your child says that the population of a far away country is 8,475,000 people, take out an atlas and locate the country, research an encyclopaedia for more information about the land, its natural resources, its climate, its languages and cultural activities, the possibilities of travelling there, etc. Look at neighboring countries. Ask family members what they might know about the country. Include guests in this activity. And don’t forget to be prepared to also tell your family and friends about what you learned that day.

This type of activity encourages children to share ideas, ask questions, explore new areas, recognize education as an ongoing lifelong process, and instills awareness of the world around them.